What are we looking for?

At Nordic Design Collective we are always looking for new and upcoming designers. We believe that you are just in the beginning of your career and that you have a small scale production of your first products. You also have a registered company. 

In the application process, we are looking at the following criterias:

Design and product
Your product should be well designed and in high quality - this goes without saying. They should also fit in the range of products we represent in our store. One of the things our customers tells us, is that they love to find beautiful products from different designers that goes well together. From an international perspective we represent Nordic design. This means that the products and designers we work with need to complement each other and represent the Nordic style. 

How you present your products are also very important. Good photos of your products are crucial for the customer who is going to buy your product, as they cannot see or touch the product in real life before placing the order. You have to be able to provide great product images, both extracted on a white background and in a setting. They should be available in high resolution upon request. 

Ambition and entrepreneurship
Entrepreneurship is a big part of what Nordic Design Collective is all about. We want you to want to be able to make a living from your creations, even if you might not be there just yet. We want to help you build your business, but we can't do it for you. You have to have the ambition and drive to always want to improve and develop your self and your business, not just creatively but from a business perspective as well. If you do, we will do everything we can to cheer you on and support you in building your business. 

On a regular basis (1-2 times/year), we will do an overview of our range of products and our collaborations, so that we all continue to develop in the right direction. During this process, we will also take your sales and the activity levels of our collaboration into consideration. We do not want to set a time limit on how long our collaboration will be, but we all need to feel that our collaboration is developing in the right direction for us to continue to work together. 

The goal with all businesses is profitability and sales are necessary to create the means to live off your talent. Because of that, it is important for us that your products create sales and our sales statistics is one of the tools we have to measure what our customers like and to evaluate and develop our collaboration. 

Our customers are expecting to find news and exciting products in our store, and we know from experience that your sales will increase if you every now and then are presenting new products. We do not expect you to update your store with new products every week or even every month, but we want you to have an active committment to your company, your products and our collaboration. 


To be able to support the designers we work with in the best way we can, we do not want the group of designers to grow too big. We get a lot of applications from new designers and are striving to find a balance between supporting our current designers and finding new designers, while continously developing and updating our offer to our customers. 

Do you think you have what we are looking for? We would love to see your application!