Selling at Nordic Design Collective, Terms and conditions

Stockholm 2013-12-28

These terms are applicable between The Designer and Nordic Design Collective/ Designmarknaden i Sverige AB (VAT no SE556753345901). These Terms and Conditions are valid until further notice. 

1. Nordic Design Collective is an online store conducting sales of The Designers products to the end consumer (hereafter referred to as the customer) on commission. The customer is making the purchase at Nordic Design Collective and are therefore customer to Nordic Design Collective. Nordic Design Collective gets ownership of the product in question at the moment of purchase. 

Other than that Nordic Design Collective provides PR- and marketingservices for the designer and the products available for sales in the online store, as well as access to a network of other designers and activities related to this. 

The fee for these services are consists of two parts, commission on sold products and a fee for an opening campaign. 

2. Nordic Design Collective is responsible to market the online store and the products available.

No marketing activities that involves costs or reduced revenue for The Designer will be conducted without The Designers approval. 

3. It is The Designers responsibility to ensure that the product presentation is correct and relevant in terms of description and images. The Designer is also responsible to ensure that the number of items in stock is correct. 

4. The designer is responsible to ensure that each product fulfills the criterias of Nordic Design Collective:

- The product shall be designed by The Designer. 
- The Designer shall be a citizen of or a resident of the Nordic countries (Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Norway, Iceland). 
- The product shall be made/manufactured according to applicable law and regulations, including copyrights. 
- The product shall not be perceived offensive or unappropriate in any way. 
- The product shall be presented with clear and unmanipulated images. 

- The price of the product shall be reasonable in accordance of the quality of the product, and in relation to similar products at Nordic Design Collective.

5. The Designer owns the right to set the sales price on the product. If Nordic Design Collective wishes to adjust the price, it will be with The Designers approval. 

6. The Designer is responsible to deliver the product to the customer in accordance to the specified delivery time and applicable legislation. 

7. The Designers committment to Nordic Design Collective includes responding to customer service inquiries from Nordic Design Collective within 24 hours. 

8. Nordic Design Collective owns the right to remove products that not comply with the terms and conditions above, move products to different category and edit texts with the purpose to clarify information towards the customer. 

9. Nordic Design Collective owns the right to use The Designers images for marketing purposes.

10. Nordic Design Collective owns the right to remove unsold products after (3) months.

11. It is not allowed for The Designer to link to another place of sales, their on online store, etc. It is allowed to link to other sites as long as the sales are referred to Nordic Design Collective.

It is not allowed to display email addresses. All customer contact should be referred to Nordic Design Collectives customer service.

Nordic Design Collective owns the right to remove text and links that does not comply with the terms above without further notice.

12. Nordic Design Collective owns the right to edit texts in The Designers profile with the purpose to clarify information towards the customer.

13. The customers rights are regulated by law (swedish laws Konsumentköplagen and Distans- och Hemförsäljningslagen). The customer owns the right to withdraw the order within 14 days and the right to complaint of a defect product. The Designer is responsible for the product until it is properly delivered to the customer. In the case of a withdrawn order, the customer is responsible to pay return delivery costs.

The customers owns the right to be compensated for a defect product. Nordic Design Collective owns the right to retain the corresponding amount from The Designers sales.

If the complaint is due to The Designers fault, The Designer is responsible to pay for the customers return delivery costs.

14. The Designer is responsible to indicate that the products is delivered to the customer. Undelivered products are not eligeble for payment.

15. Payment of sales are submitted three (3) weeks after the end of each sales period (equal to calendar month).

16. Commission is based on the amount of sales according to individual contract. The sales amount is based on price towards customer, including delivery costs and excluding taxes. Nordic Design Collective applies "self billing", meaning that a report/receipt of the periods sales will be available for download from the intranet adjacent to the date of payment.

The designer shall be registered for VAT, and shall inform Nordic Design Collective if the condition changes during the time of collaboration with Nordic Design Collective. As registered for VAT, The Designer is responsible for reporting taxes according to local law.

17. When supplying contact to retailer outside of Nordic Design Collective, a commission of 25% is applied to the first order. The following orders between The Designer and the retailer are not eligeble for commission to Nordic Design Collective.

18. At any dispute regarding copyright, complaints or similar, The Designer shall hold Nordic Design Collective indemnified.

19. Termination of this contract is due to 1 months notice for each party.

20. Nordic Design Collective owns the right to end the collaboration with The Designer without further notice and with immediate effect in the case of violation of the terms and conditions stated above.