Become a part of Nordic Design Collective

The vision of Nordic Design Collective is to support new and upcoming designers, as well as helping customers from all over the world to find new and amazing design products from the Nordic region.

By being a part of Nordic Design Collective you'll be able to reach a large number of customers through our webshop, where we sell your products on commission basis. It's easy to update your profile and products, and you don't have to think about technology, payment solutions,  customer service or marketing - we'll handle all that for you.

We also do a lot of PR and other marketing activities, in order to increase the impact and reach out to more customers. 

You will also be part of a large network of ambitious and talented designers whom you can easily share experiences with.

We have a great passion for good design and entrepreneurship, and in building sustainable and long-term businesses. Read more about our goals and values in our Manifesto


1. Apply for membership 
You apply for membership using our application form, and we'll get back to you in about a week.

2. Upload your products 
Once your account is active, upload your products, specify price and delivery time - and your good to go.

3. Deliver to the customer 
Once the order is confirmed, you'll get an e-mail with order details and deliver your product directly to the customer.  


We are always on the look out for more talented designers.

Are you one of them? We believe that you are in the beginning of your career, that you have a small scale production of your first products and that you have a registered company. 

We are very busy at the moment, with limited abilities to accept new designers. However, please fill out the form if you're interested and we'll get back to you when we have the chance. 

(Please note that we are only open for designers based in the Nordic countries).