Viiva Design

Viiva Design is an Art Studio located in a small village in Northern Denmark. It is driven by Noora Lehtonen, a Finn who loves all things Scandinavian. Noora creates Art Prints from her original abstract paintings. She applies generous amounts of acrylic paint to create layers and texture. The changing of seasons never ceases to inspire her.

My name is Noora.

When I was a little girl, I could be caught with either a book or a pencil in my hand. I used to immerse myself in daydreams, draw and write stories about the worlds I imagined. Then I grew up, and not much changed. I still love to walk around with paint on my nose, talk to my drawings, lose myself in literature.

I studied media and creative writing at Åbo University in Finland. I have experienced the Scandinavian way of life living in Finland, Norway and Denmark. These experiences helped to shape my artistic style that is based on minimalistic traditions.

My love for northern nature translates into abstract Art Prints. The Frost Collection was inspired by Finnish winter, with its subtle color palette and the interplay between light and darkness.

I create Art that I would hang on my own walls - something that fits the Nordic interior style. Art that seems silent at first glance, but reveals its secrets when you get to know it.


Viiva Design