Poses 1-3 by Toril Bækmark

Toril Bækmark is Copenhagen-based illustrator and artist. Toril graduated from the Danish School of Art and Design in 1996. Ever since, Toril Bækmark has been practicing her passion, illustrating. Her customers come from all over the world. This year her illustrations were elected for American Illustration 34. To keep focus on expression, and simplicity Toril usually work within black and white, preferably in watercolor. Toril Bækmark designed for the second year in a row, a Calendar 12 FLOWERS. A beautiful calendar filled with watercolors and characteristic black ink drawings.

Toril Bækmark grew up in a suburb to Copenhagen, and never wanted to go back when she first escaped. She studied at The Danish School of Art and Design and the most fantastic time from that period was an exchange to Warsaw Art Akademy. The Poland professors and their approach to design and illustration, made her world turn around and she realised that she had to base her work on a feeling. After many years working with graphic design and illustration she has now started doing her own product 12 Flower Calendar, expanding her creative world and opening new doors.

Toril works with clients from Denmark and abroad and her style is international. For many years she has been fascinated by the aesthetic seen in fashion integrated by the botanic that surrounds her. Torils inspiration comes from the lines and shape she see, thats why she love working with the black ink lines. Making it simple and alive.
The last couple of years Toril have been published in international publications like:
American Illustration 34,
published November 2015
Illustrations Now5, by Taschen 2014
Lürzer´s Archive, 200 Best Illustrators worldwide 2014

"I search and push myself all the time, trying to develop my creations. Making personal projects takes more and more of my time. I try to develop style and technic by painting flowers, that always inspires me by there form and colors. That lead to the Calendar 12 FLOWERS. Which I now designed for the second year in a row. A beautiful calendar filled with watercolors and characteristic black ink drawings."

Poses 1-3